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The Year Of The Dog
by Grace Lin

I loved it.

Our Stars
by Anne Rockwell

This simple picture book describes stars, planets, comets, meteors, and other celestial phenomena with brightly colored illustrations and short sentences.

Space Walk
by Salina Yoon

This book was very cute and looks like an appealing introduction to the solar system for budding astronomers (or any curious small child). However, the ending, which stopped at Neptune, broke my heart a bit. (I still love you, Pluto!)

Reaching for the Moon
by Buzz Aldrin

This is an interesting biography of Buzz Aldrin's lifetime journey that culminated in walking on the moon. The conversational style makes the reader feel like you are sitting across the table as he speaks directly to them.

Seven Wonders of the Solar System
by David A. Aguilar

I am not an astronomy enthusiast, but this was a great book. I read it straight through and learned a ton.

Tin Star
by Cecil Castellucci

I'll just say upfront that I am not a reader of sci fi that includes aliens. Never have been, don't get what the attraction is to those who love the genre. But was my mind ever changed very shortly after starting Tin Star. I LOVED this book. Action, loss, despair, treachery, humanity, and fear--you'll find some of each and more.

Ender’s Game
by Orson Scott Card

This was the first book I picked up and read all the way through in one sitting. Technically, it's not a difficult read but conceptually it's rich and engaging.

The Martian
by Andy Weir

I'm so happy that I randomly decided to pick this book up! I did find that the story dragged a bit towards the end and some of things went over my head a little bit, but for the most part this was a fantastic read!

Out There
by Michael Wall

I found the attempt at humor distracting and tedious. It read like a "Dummies" book.

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